Something has changed! Someone as gone back and changed time.

There are Many Changes
1. Zander Kings Story
2. Anakin Skywalker didn’t join Emperor Palpatine, but still fell to the darkside, he and his friend A’Sharad Hett disappread from the galaxy just before the clone wars ended, only to reappear 20 years latter as the heads of the One Sith Order.
3. With out Anakin, many more jedi survived but were still hunted by the Inquisitors, Palpatine recovered Anakin’s Son, Inquisitor Luke Skywalker and raised/Trained him, killing his mother in the process
4. Darth Tyranus was warned of Palpatine’s Betrayal and was able to flee with some of his troops before the “”/wikis/Empire/new" class=“create-wiki-page-link”>Empire" arrived, Creating the Dark Confederacy
5. General Grievous also fled with his own Droid army (and small fleet) calling it the Federation made up entirely on Cyborgs and Droids
6. No one as brought the different rebellion’s together yet
7. the Vong are coming
So the Galaxy is engulfed in a bloody war on all fronts and a even greater enemy is on its door step, is all lost or Is there new hope in a Special young man trying to live up to his fathers name?

Star Was: Corrupted Universe

Star wars   star destroyer f   attack on yavin 4 by bb22andy da2xe9w